Customer Service Tips – How to Communicate Through Your Phone

Talking to a potential customer on the phone is not just about responding to their concerns. Phone conversations are often muddled with misinterpretations and other communication barriers due to the lack of non-verbal cues common to face-to-face communications. However, these shortfalls can be addressed by enhancing your communication skills. Here are some skills worth mastering to improve the quality of your telephone communications.

  • Adopt a Positive Tone

Projecting a positive, and enthusiastic tone goes a long way in making the customer feel comfortable. As such, as soon as you greet the person on the line, wear a smile. A smile can be felt on the other end and has the effect of starting the conversation positively. Also, control your vocal qualities, the rate of your speech, pitch, and your timbre.

  • Clear Enunciation

To make your conversations understandable, you have to speak with clarity, use simple words, and avoid using any words that might make the customer feel inferior. Avoid using slang and filler words, which often hurt the quality of your communications. Working on your enunciations goes a long way in attaining constructive problem solving thus optimising your customer service.

  • Be Sincere

Another tip meant to fortify your phone conversations is to inject some sincerity in your conversation. As such, avoid scripted greetings as most of them sound inauthentic. Instead, say a genuine hello, and declare your willingness to extend a helping hand as soon as you answer the call. This serves to ease the customer into the exchange. Positivity is essential in making your messages or feedback sound authentic.

The essence of improving your phone communications is to make the customer satisfied. Once you are done addressing those pertinent issues, quickly provide them with some additional information you feel they might need in the future before finishing off the conversation in a positive manner.